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Custom smoothie was founded by identical twin sisters with very different fitness goals. They formed a partnership and began their business adventure with Twins Unlimited. Together they founded Custom Smoothie & Sports Nutrition. Together they bring more than 40 years of retail experience to the business. Kathy loves to run and Kris is a Figure Competitor. Both are health conscious and very competitive, with different fitness levels, nutrition needs and lifestyles.

With all the retail experience we have, we couldn’t help but bring in our own line of Custom Smoothie Hats, Tee’s and Tanks for the sport and fitness enthusiasts. You’ve got to see them! Choose your favorite “dude” from the Runner, the Swimmer, and the Lifter, the Biker, the Tri-Athlete or Karate.

The twins are avid sports and nutritional enthusiasts who recognize the health conscience lifestyles of Seattle’s population and view the Nutritional Smoothie market as one with strong potential. In addition to healthy smoothies we carry a variety of vitamins, the latest supplements and healthy conscious snacks to help keep you in top shape.

Seattle consumers are health conscious, looking to maximize their fitness potential with Sports supplements and meal replacement products. They consider Smoothies and Nutritional supplements and snacks as viable replacements to meals.

Whether your goals are to simply lose weight, get in shape and eat healthy or to compete in the next big race or competition, we want to help get you there. Our services also include an onsite consultation with a certified personal trainer. Please ask for details, weekly appointments will be booked in advance.

We offer fresh, healthy smoothies as a meal substitute, a snack or a treat. Unlike other smoothies, Custom Smoothie recipes aren’t juice based. Real fruit and fresh ingredients are used to help our customers reach a health goal or a taste sensation. Custom Smoothie & Sports Nutrition has acquired and developed our own unique and distinctive recipes, ingredients, and methods of preparation and service, for offering nutritional drinks and nutritional products.

Whether our consumers health goals are to maintain their current weight or they have an active training regimen, they will find what they need and that our employees will be there cheering them on.

We invite our consumers to come into their neighborhood Custom Smoothie store and experience our great taste and supportive service for themselves.